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October 21, 2015

Hello to all chocolate lovers out there!

We are back from our annual cocoa-sourcing trip, this time from the mountainous Tanzania. The purpose was to see our close friends and cocoa suppliers, Kokoa Kamili, in action and to inspect their process. From precise fermentation to careful drying, it was one of our most impressive cocoa experiences ever. These guys rock, and they definitely put Tanzania on a fine cocoa map. The rich, green soil of the Kilombero valley, where Kamili’s cocoa is grown, plays a critical role in the flavour and aromas of the final product – the Naive chocolate bar.

From buzzing Dar es Salaam to the sticky jungle and then to relaxed Zanzibar, this trip had so many highlights, and all are captured in the beautiful video below. A big thank-you to Turkish Airlines for supporting us, and to Kokoa Kamili for making us comfortable. Fetch yourself some popcorn, and enjoy the short film!