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January 17, 2016

The chocolate world is not quite there yet. The new wave will be the culmination of years of improving on old systems, whilst offering a fresh bounty of new ideas that will not only enhance the experience of enjoying chocolate but disrupt it completely. The next wave chocolate will be developed by the chocolate equivalent to the digital natives, kids who are growing up today with progressive new wave chocolate as part of the daily cultural lifestyle, in hip urban areas and small towns alike across all hemispheres.

Next wave will be a golden age of chocolate. We imagine a world that finally says please, no thank you to hipsterish/tasteless/unscientific bars. Your subscription Pandora chocolate box will be delivered by drone from the experts down the street, and Augmented Reality cocoa brew bar environments will provide a sensory service experience we can’t begin to imagine. Third wave will mean the end of point-of-sale, and will auger the dawn of cocoa shot in pill form, precision grinders, vortex winnowers , condiment bars that have minimalistic contemporary pastry, and visionary artists behind the chocolate processing.

For now, we’re living in the New Wave. It’s a wonderful wave; there’snever been a better time to be a chocolate eater. The chocolate world is changing fast around us, and that’s good.