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Finca La Rioja is a tiny farm located in Cacahoatán, Chiapas, Mexico. Just for the record Cacahoatán means the ”Place of Cacao” in the ancient Toltec language so there is little debate about the significance of this place for chocolate maker like me. The history of cacao in the Southeast of Mexico dates back to pre-colonial times. Chiapas was the center of cacao commerce in Mesoamerica when the Spaniards reached the area in 1522. What is more, the first cacao brought to Europe to the Spanish court came from Chiapas too. I would like you to explore the very best of Mexican cacao that comes from La Rioja farm with two different harvest time bars inside of this chocolate box!

Ingredients: cacao, sugar, cacao butter. May contain traces of sunflowers or nuts. Keep it dry and cool, max 18°C.

Nutritional info (100g): kCal: 612; KJ: 2568; Fat: 42g; Saturated fat: 26g; Carbohydrates: 45.4g; Sugars: 38g; Protein: 8g; Salt: 14mg.