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From Aztec to Victorian times, hot chocolate has been seen as a precious, sacred, even magical beverage — a symbol of power and an extravagant tonic to be consumed daily! Delicate chocolate bitterness combined with the sweet and nutty aftertaste of almonds. Almonds provide a high level source of manganese and vitamin E and the resulting elixir marks a return to the rich traditions of our ancestors. This is a sumptuous hot chocolate to boost mood and vitality and banish modern day stress and anxiety. Experience how the character of exotic chocolate with almonds is revealed as a delicious hot drink.

: The proportion of liquid to chocolate flakes should be 35% (chocolate) to 65% (liquid). Preheat a liquid of your choice (full fat cream or coconut milk) in a pan over medium heat until it starts simmering. Add the chocolate and froth it with a frother or blend it until fully melted. Serve in small espresso cups.

INGREDIENTS (drinking almond dark-milk chocolate flakes, 200g): cacao mass, milk powder skimmed, almonds (15%), sugar, cocoa powder. Store in a cool dry place. Cacao min 43%.